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Tyrannosaurus rex Hand Claw | Replica Fossil

Tyrannosaurus rex Hand Claw | Replica Fossil

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**This item is not a toy and is not intended for children. For display purposes only**

Tyrannosaurus rex Hand Claw
66 Million Years BP
Late Cretaceous
Late Maastrichtian
Hell Creek Formation
Harding Co., South Dakota


One of the features Tyrannosaurus is best known for is its comically tiny front limbs. Though small compared to its body, the upper arm bones were as wide around as a cow's femur. Exactly what T.rex used its arms for is not known.

This is a replica of the original fossil, cast in quality polyresin and hand painted.
Size: 4 inches
Material: polyresin (color may differ from replica to replica)
*Comes with a information card

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